Watching Cartoons for Free on Roku

Cutting cable means walking away from a reliable and familiar environment that can affect the way everyone in a household. While a lot of people worry about how a spouse would deal with the loss of cable an important factor is how would kids react to losing cable. After all. Kids have a little more time to watch TV than adults.

How to spend that time changes without cable if users decide against jumping in with cable replacement services like Sling TV. The biggest three streaming services Netflix, Amazon, Hulu have lots of children’s programming but for those who want to cut cable and save money by not spending money on TV at all have to look a little deeper. Roku recently released a list of free cartoon channels on the Roku platform. Bellow is a listing of these channels for your family’s enjoyment.

  • Cartoon Station – Cartoon Station features certified classics like Tom and JerryPopeyeBetty BoopThe 3 Stooges, and more.
  • Hasbro – Watch your favorite Hasbro Studios cartoons for free, including G.I. JoeTransformers, and Conan the Adventurer.
  • Pokemon TV – Watch amazing Pokémon animated adventures starring Ash, Pikachu, and all their friends for free.
  • Cartoon Club Live – Stream classic cartoons in the form of an easy-to-use live stream format.
  • Wildbrain – Watch popular cartoons like Sonic the HedgehogSuper Mario WorldHeathcliffInspector Gadget, and more.
  • Awesome Cartoons – A wide variety of well-loved cartoons like Looney TunesSuperman and Mighty Mouse.
  • Kartoons.TV Free: Here you can find Casper the Friendly GhostAesop’s Fables, and cartoons from Ub Iwerks (the animator who drew Mickey Mouse).