Why So Many Election Ads On Streaming Lately?

If you try to avoid TV during elections to miss out on the parade of political ads you will find little solace on streaming services. According to a recent poll reported on by Digital News Daily about half (49%) of registered U.S. voters no longer have traditional linear TV subscriptions, while more than 80% of registered voters nationally and in key battleground states stream, according to a new survey from  Samba TV and HarrisX.

That means that candidates are increasingly looking to TV services like ad-supported Hulu, Pluto TV and others to reach audiences to make up for the lack of viewers on cable. While commercials run less on streaming services than on traditional TV it can feel like that is the only thing you see when you are watching your favorites stream this time of year.

The move may cause viewers to spend the extra money to avoid ads if not for just a few months to skip out on the middle school-style attacks.