10 Free Channels On Pluto TV To Check Out Right Now

Pluto TV Logo

Stand Up Channel 426

Standup on Pluto TV is a never-ending treasure trove of standup comedy shows. It’s a way to chill out and have a laugh. Don’t worry about who is up next, that’s the point. One thing though. Maybe it’s not perfect for all ages.

NFL Channel channel 465

The NFL Channel is a 24-7 channel with content and specials from NFL films and other outlets. It’s a great way to get hyped for an upcoming season or even just distract yourself while people figure out whether there will be one.

Fight Channel 509

Oh you didn’t know? The fight channel is exactly what the name implies. One on one slugfest from multiple fight genres, boxing, kickboxing, Cage fights, MMA. If this is your thing this is your channel.

History 565

If you cut cable but miss the history channel this is a great place to get your fix in. The topics are from all over from customs and trends to documentaries. It’s a great place to stop for a while and makes good background noise while you are working from home.

Pluto TV Conspiracy Channel 571

Did we really land on the moon. YES. But would you like to hear how people can twist things around to sound like we didn’t? Jump in with this channel to watch videos about aliens, monsters and the Illuminati.

Faith channel 633

Faith has movies and specials aimed at christian audiences. It includes biographies and basic feel good stories about people of faith.

PlutoTV Scifi channel 661

Not a true substitute for the SyFy channel by any means, but PlutoTV Scifi will definitely fill a niche. Movies and shows stream all day to fill that need for escapism.

Nick 711

Where a kid can be a kid without cable. The Nick channel plays old shows from Nickelodeon all day. Its kid friendly and in some cases a great dose of nostalgia.

Pluto TV Action channel 58

Oh yeah. I know that true film aficionados make fun of all of us that love seeing explosions, high-speed chases and fight scenes, but there is a reason we have a summer movie season and it isn’t because most of the population loves black and white indie films. Pluto TV action is filled with movies for the populous.

Documentaries channel 77

Boy I wonder what you will find on a channel called documentaries. If you guessed that it would be full of documentaries you got it. Give yourself a pat on the back. It is a great educational channel that can fill your brain up with good stuff to counteract all those fight scenes and explosions we all love.