How To Rewatch Clinton-Trump Debate

Well let’s put it this way. If you didn’t watch the presidential debate Monday night you just may be the only one you know who didn’t. The ratings numbers from Monday’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump show that around 84 million people watched the event on television. It was aired on multiple networks and may be the most-watched debate of all time topping the Reagan-Carter debate from October 28,  1980  See a clip here. That debate was defined by the “There you go again” one liner has been often recognized as a classic moment in American politics. Monday’s debate may not have had a signature line but it certainly sizzled for the broadcast and cable networks smashing ratings for Monday Night Football, which pulled an estimated 9.7 million viewers.

I’m a political junkie and one of the things that truly annoys me about the modern media is its tendency to report on politics as though its sports news, putting together highlight reels of one-liners and applause lines like they are interceptions or slam dunks. If you really want to be informed the best way to do so is to watch the debate unfold as it actually did. The good news is that if you are looking to do so you can so. While the debate is available via a number of sites, to make things less of a headache we are going to provide you with two. One pay option and one free option.

For Hulu subscribers, the event is available as an ABC special. Not a paying subscriber? PBS has the debate available via its website and its apps. While it might not apparent from the main app menu a quick search will find the event in seconds.

PBS Website here

Hulu Website here