Plex has expanded its free streaming channels with a lucky 13 new entries bringing a lot of content from A&E Networks along the way. This includes some actual History from the History Channel. If you enjoyed Modern Marvels for instance you can see the series on its own dedicated channel along with the shows that kind of started steering the channel away from actual history “Ice Road Truckers and “Axe Men”.

Reality TV lovers will enjoy the new Perform channel. Powered by Lifetime Networks the channel is a 24-7 stream of reality shows like The Rap Game, Bring it, Family Jewels and other hits from their lineup.

There is more to see bellow. Plex’s streaming channels are accessible for free. But you should set up an account to take full advantage of them and the other features built into the service.

  1. Perform by lifetime
  2. Ice Road Truckers by the History Channel
  3. Axeman by the History Channel
  4. Modern Marvels by the History Channel
  5. Funny or Die
  6. Kriminal by A&E
  7. Deal Zone by the History Channel
  8. Crime Thriller
  9. Movie Favorites on the Lifetime Channel
  10. Unexplained Zone
  11. Tastemade
  12. Torque by the History Channel
  13. Gustotv