Adult Time Pushing Users To Fire TV and Chromecast

Adult Time, an adult entertainment company is adjusting to Roku’s change of policy for uncertified channels that essentially knocked adult channels off the platform. Adult industry companies had to this point provided private channel codes to customers as a way to market their catalogs to users looking for a big-screen experience instead of app interaction. The site has put together separate guides that encourage users to purchase Fire TV or Chromecast devices and explains how to set up its app on each device, which requires some workarounds.

Like Roku Fire TV and Google Chromecast do not have explicit content apps in their official app stores, but unless something changes with new updates, both platforms, which are built on Android, can be worked to allow for apps outside of the official app store.

Roku never made a point to address the use of noncertified channels in the adult industry, which has been happening for years. A number of Roku adjacent websites have long promoted adult channels for the platform using channel codes that had to be entered via the user profile page of Roku though has been dealing with problems from a totally different front, piracy. Venders using non-certified channels have for years used Roku’s platform to distribute copyrighted material via Roku. It is believed such channels prevented Roku from being allowed to sell products in Mexico for a time.


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