Amazon’s Dude Perfect Makes Game Impossible To Follow

If they were actually in the room you would tell them to shut up or go outside, but with the Dude Perfect stream on Amazon, you can invite a group of guys that seems to want to do anything but watch the game into your living room for the night.

There is no arguing that Dude Perfect is not a sports adjacent powerhouse on social media. The comedy group has 58 million YouTube subscribers, 19 million followers on Facebook and 11.6 million followers on Instagram. But that does not make them a broadcast team.

Alternate commentary has come into vogue with ESPN’s Manning Cast featuring Peyton and Eli Manning along with a rotation of special guests providing insight on Monday Night Football with a combination of incredible insider knowledge and a playful back and forth akin to hanging out with the brothers during the game.

They follow the game, second guess calls, tease each other about mistakes they made over the years or what they ate during the commercial and yell from the couch just like you do “throw it away what are you doing” “TIME OUT JEEZE”.

Dude perfect on the other hand has one screen of the game, muted while essentially while playing beer pong, or seeing how many nerf footballs they can fit in a hat and still put it on. I made up those two examples based on the short bursts of odd material that I observed. I would have watched more, but I kind of wanted to see the very exciting game that was taking place while they laughed at their own jokes.

While the Manning Cast feels like enjoying the game with goofy informed friends, the Dude Perfect stream feels like feels like when you are watching the Super Bowl with people who show up the food and commercials and say “Who is that”? when Aaron Rogers shows up on the screen.

It will be very telling whether Amazon shares numbers on the numerous streaming choices they provided for game one and if this is a full-season feature. But while the Prime Vision cast added to the experience of watching the game, the Dude Perfect cast felt like missing the game entirely. It might be the worst addition to a football game since the Dennis Miller experiment.