Another Originals Project Bites The Dust

Cord cutting

Charter will be winding down It’s Charter/Spectrum originals production. After failing to gain a foothold by producing TV Shows that would be exclusive to its own cable subscriber, much like streaming services do, the company lost the tip of its spear, Katherine Pope in July.

Charter seemed to have a fatal misunderstanding of why streaming services launch original content. They do not do it to add a few new options to a humongous bundle of content. They have original programming in order to define their services. Disney+ is the only place to watch new shows about the Marvel Universe and Star Wars. Netflix is the home of Stranger things. For a few bucks you can add them and check it out. But nobody was going to drop $150.00 a month just to watch a buddy cop show like LA’s Finest.

The programming from Charter originals was complementary at best, invisible and buried at worst. cable should stick to what it’s best at. Easy to use interfaces and big bundles of channels. There is still a market for it, shrinking or not.