Apple TV 4K Tweeks Current Concept With More Speed And Sharper Performance

Apple announced the Apple TV update that people have been waiting for since they announced the generation 4 Apple TV two years ago without 4k. The device will support HDR and Dolby Vision features a processor upgrade the A 10 X Fusion chip which will double the speed of the device compared with the current generation Apple TV.

Menus will also be in 4K, which doesn’t really add much but will look really fantastic at stores. The biggest announcement concerning the Apple TV has more to do with Apple’s support of 4K format in general. Apple is going to give customers who have already purchased HD movies free 4k upgrades for those titles. It’s a nice pat on the back to customers who have waited for Apple to catch up. Apple TV will also get plenty of 4K content from the big video channels like Netflix and Amazon Prime, which will be on Apple TV’s.

Step Towards Live TV Integration
Apple will also be updating the “TV” app available on Apple TV as well as IOS devices. The TV app aggregates TV apps available on Apple TV into a universal TV experience. Eddie Cue, though he did not demonstrate it, announced that live sports through apps like Watch ESPN will be highlighted for users with info like score and time remaining in a contest so that fans can quickly scan the sports landscape and decide if a matchup merits a check in. News will also get the same treatment. How valuable the live TV option is though will have everything to do with what services are available to customers. TV Everywhere apps have very uneven availability. Even more, Apple has little to no control as to whether your TV provider partners with the apps.