AT&T Leveraging TV and Internet With Phone Plans

AT&T appears to be experimenting with TV and Internet service plans as an incentive to signing up for cell service. A program targetting some of the most populous cities in the country is offering deals for free TV and Free Internet to customers who use AT&T for the cell phone service. Along with the TV and Internet deals, the company is also trying out phone-based offers.

The most notable offers involve New York and Chicago. Residents of the Windy City who switch to AT&T can get Internet for life from the carrier. This, of course, assumes that AT&T will continue to offer Internet services long into the future.  In ads the company says “When you switch from any wireless competitor to the new AT&T Unlimited Plus Enhanced plan (min. $80/mo after discounts), as a new or existing AT&T home internet customer in Chicagoland you’ll get FREE home internet on plans up to 50Mbps for LIFE!”

The plan almost sounds like it should have the headline “Cable companies hate this deal” But it is not the work of some click bait mill lurking at the bottom of a money hungry website. It is an actual offer. In New York a similarly surprising promotion would give residents of the Big Apple Free TV for a year. The company promises free DirecTV Now plans valued at $60.00 per month to customers who sign up for AT&T Unlimited Plus Enhanced or AT&T Unlimited Choice Enhanced plans. The plans cost 80.00 and 65 dollars a month respectively.

Obviously, AT&T sees getting people locked in with cell service as the key here. One has to wonder what the margins for TV and home Internet are compared to the cell service. Neither U-Verse nor DirecTV Now are the market leaders in their category. Will such plans be coming to your city? We will keep an eye on this one.