Average US Broadband Homes Have At Least 4 Streaming Services


A report by Parks and Associates says that US homes with broadband Internet, which has become the dominant way to receive Internet in the United States average 4.4 streaming services. That means that customers are not being as choosy as some thought they might be as services began to proliferate about 5 years ago.

Parks said that two years ago, in the third quarter of 2019, fewer than half of all US broadband households said that they subscribed to either one or no OTT services. Now the makeup of homes with three or more OTT services is at 57%. PArks reported that 20 percent of households with broadband internet/highspeed Internet have no streaming services at all. When the numbers are recalibrated to reflect and focus solely on households that use streaming services it turns out that the average number of streaming services per household is 5.7.

So it looks like those who have chosen to embrace streaming have done so full bore. With services for seemingly every genre available along with more general services like Netflix and Hulu there is more to watch on Streaming than was ever available before the option existed.