Oneflix Aims To Simplify Streaming

If this story sounds familiar there is a reason. A new app “Oneflix” is looking to become a unified portal to all your streaming needs. Citing the need to help users find content instead of spending their time searching for it Oneflix pulls together the content from Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, PEacock, and Paramount+ into one interface that puts the content from the most well-known streaming services in one place.

As major streaming services began to emerge the industry has tried to find a solution to the confusion that some customers feel when trying to find the latest show to check out. What is the one with that new Star Trek show? Who has Squid Game? Is The Great on HBO or Netflix (it’s neither BTW) and so on.

The service offers a searchable interface, gathers content into now familiar genre-based rows and allows users to set up a watchlist that puts all of their favorite programs in one place. Oneflix though is not a streaming service itself. Users will have to subscribe to the respective streaming service where a show or movie lives if they want to check it out.

Oneflix is available on IOS and the Google Play Store.

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