Bally Sports App Coming In April

According to reporting from The TV Man Bally Sports will launch its direct-to-consumer streaming service in April. The service which will feature 16 NBA teams and 17 NHL teams along with 5 MLB teams has not announced a price. So what should people expect it to cost? Early reporting was that it was going to run around $20.00 but that number was shot down by the company without any other clarification.

Bally Sports is a collection of what were once FOX Sports-owned stations. The channels were spun off as part of the merger between Disney and 20th Century Fox leaving them to be purchased by media company Sinclair. The service though is not the same as say a national sports network like ESPN. It is a Regional Sports Network (RSN) which means it is available in markets that have teams that are part of its package. So while Bally Sports can say that it has the rights to multiple NBA teams it is not as though someone can sign up for it and watch all of them.

This all bears watching going forward.