‘BARTLETT’ To Launch On Indivue

Starting, Tuesday, February 27, the original musically inspired comedy, “Bartlett” will be available on IndieVue, the new streaming site for independent series and films, in addition to the previously announced Amazon Prime, Amazon Video and Vimeo on Demand.

Kicking off the launch, IndieVue will host an Exclusive Live & Interactive screening on Tuesday, February 27th at 9pm ET/6pm PT.  During this live online event, the series’ stars, producers and creators, Chrissy MazzeoAnthony VenezialeDon ReedEirnie CarsonMartin Edwards and Rivkah Beth Medow, will share behind-the-scenes stories and personal commentary about the series, while viewing live along with the audience.

Based on the life of ad exec turned director Martin Edwards (All the Wrong Places), executive produced by eshapTV’s Evan Shapiro(“Portlandia,” “Take My Wife,” “There’s Johnny”) along with co-creator and Chrissy Mazzeo (“SanFranLand”) and Anthony Veneziale(“Freestyle Love Supreme” and “The Electric Company”), who also star, the six part original features a talented ensemble including Tony winner and Hamilton star Lin-Manuel MirandaUtkarsh Ambudkar (“White Famous,” “Freestyle Love Supreme,” “The Mindy Project”),Don Reed (“The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “A Different World”) and newcomer Eirinie Carson. Rivkah Beth Medow serves as producer.

“’Bartlett’ is a new kind of independent television, and we are thrilled to be bringing the show to Indievue – a great new platform, dedicated to supporting artists and their work,” adds Shapiro.

“We are honored to be hosting ‘Bartlett’ on IndieVue,” agrees Sanjay Burman, CEO, IndieVue. “This is a creative and innovative series that belongs on an innovative platform.   Our Live & Interactive experience is perfect for this talented group of artists to share their experiences and stories.”

“Bartlett” trails advertising agency bad boy Roger Newhouse (Veneziale), who is having a really rough year. Maggie Knowland (Mazzeo), the true brains behind the business success of the newly formed agency, has left him, and their agency, for Sanjay Kahn (Ambudkar), one of Roger’s bitter rivals. Losing clients left and right, Roger finally realizes the time has come to quit his job and fulfill his longtime dream to leave everything behind and become a professional musician.  The six episodes take place over a single fateful day, as Roger must outwit his neurotic boss Bob Freeman (Reed), keep Caitlin (Carson), his trusted account executive and occasional lover, from jumping ship, and convince Maggie to come back to the agency by winning the prized Pear Computer account (Yes, Pear not Apple).  And Roger’s got just eight hours to do it.

For full episode descriptions, please see below.

Bartlet episodes

E1: Excuse Me While I Find My Pants

Struggling advertising executive Roger Newhouse wants to quit the business and become a musician; no-nonsense Maggie tries to convince cocky boyfriend Sanjay to attend couples therapy; alpha-boss Bob arrives from New York for a showdown with Roger.

E2: The Awesome Wisdom of Sir Richard Branson

Roger finally reveals that he has landed a coveted pitch with Pear Computer; Maggie discovers just how badly Roger has managed the agency in her absence; Bob hatches a plan to get Maggie and Roger back together.

E3: Jesus Saves (Sinners and Ad People)

Maggie makes a decision about working with Roger; the agency is visited by an oddball creative team who offer their prodigious talents for the Pear pitch; over-worked account executive Caitlin begins to question her loyalty to Roger.

E4: Epiphany with a Sunflower Butter Sandwich

Roger shares a cathartic experience with the guy who used to water his plants; Maggie reads the riot act to Sanjay and avoids repeating history; Bob and Caitlin bond over coffee and racial injustice.

E5: The Healing Power of Maggie’s Underwear

In a last-ditch attempt to finish the pitch on time, Roger bares his soul; Maggie comes to terms with her past relationships; with Roger AWOL, Bob and Caitlin decide to present the pitch themselves.

E6: We Are All Enoch Bartlett—We Are All Liars

Roger has a rude awakening and scrambles to get his plan to “fix everything” back on track; Maggie, Bob and Caitlin crack open a bottle of champagne; we finally discover who Enoch Bartlett is.