Can I Stream NBC Through Peacock?


There is a new way to stream NBC without cable. Peacock is finally jumping in the boat with Paramount+ to offer premium subscribers who use Peacock’s $9.99 tier access to their local NBC affiliates. The move brings Peacock in line with Paramount+ which has offered access to local CBS affiliates through its commercial-free tier since launch. Despite the feature being added for customers who have the commercial-free version of Peacock subscribers will be seeing the same commercials on the NBC stream as they would otherwise see if they were watching the actual broadcast channel via an antenna or cable service. Interestingly we pushed this exact model in a story published in January 2021.

The change is a big one for Peacock. While it did not offer a way to stream NBC the service has offered live Sunday Night Football and Notre Dame Football to its customers who subscribe to the $4.99 and $9.99 tier of service that also includes access to Peacock originals, its full slate of movies, and the entire library of the WWE Network along with live premium events.

The access to the live affiliates though is a feature that may well be its biggest selling point going forward. While seemingly a pretty penny, $9.99 to access one channel, for customers who already enjoy the service for what it has been, it will be a major upgrade. Users should understand though, this does not raise the price of Peacock’s tiers or transform it from a service with free content to a pure pay service. It also means that customers who have been paying $4.99 will still be exempt from access to the live channel. Based on very recent moves viewers should expect to see more moves made by Peacock. Comcast recently revamped the identity of its streaming operations and I would not be at all surprised to see channels rechristened or at least expanded on. The affiliates addition is the fourth new live linear channel added in the past 7 days following 3 Hallmark channels.

While Comcast executives say they are happy with the streamer’s performance up to this point, which includes 15 million subscribers the moves paint a picture that tells us that the people up top have their eyes set on more.

How do you Stream NBC on Peacock

Peacock will be adding a row for the local affiliates within its channels section. This would place it alongside other new entries from Hallmark along with its collection of popular genre channels and NBCU-flavored 24-7 offerings.