Can You Access HBO Max In Hulu? NO

Hulu on Smart TV

I have seen a persistent incorrect narrative around the fact that HBO Max is not available on Roku and Fire TV. People keep telling other that you can sign up for and watch HBO Max via Hulu. That statement is half true. Here is the truth about HBO Max and Hulu.

If you are a Hulu customer whether you are signed up for Hulu’s on demand programming only or even a Live TV subscriber you can sign up for HBO Max via your Hulu account and use the same log in for the HBO Max app that you do for Hulu. On top of that content that is available on HBO (and that is just content on the HBO/HBO Go) is also available via Hulu on-demand. For instance, if you want to watch Game of Thrones than you can watch winter come all over again. The rest of the content available via HBO Max is not available through Hulu. This means you cannot use Hulu to watch the entire run of the Big Bang Theory. You cannot use Hulu to watch HBO Max originals and exclusive series. Those are still only available via the HBO Max App.

This is unfortunate for the 60 million or so potential HBO Max customers who own Roku and Amazon Fire TV products. The stalemate between Warner Media and the two biggest streaming platforms is stretching into its third week.