Can You Use Sling TV On A Mac?

Sling TV has apps for so many devices from smart TV’s too phones and of course set-top boxes. When Sling TV first launched it had stand alone apps for computers that were downloaded as separate programs. Sling TV has since gone the route of Web-based service. This means that wether you have a Mac or a PC you will access the service in the same way.

You can access Sling TV from its web portal with your Sling TV password. Just navigate to the home screen and Log in with your account info. Yes you have to be a subscriber duh.

From the Sling TV home page just sign in and stream on.

Once you have signed in you can navigate the app using a mouse. This is not the perfect solution for HTPC users but works great on a desktop. It looks beautiful on my iMac. Yes Chris Brass I have a Mac now.Once you are in you will have full access to all of Sling TV’s features including to two interfaces, grid and Channel view. You will also be able to access any DVR recordings.

Users can search for live programming via Sling TV’s Grid or channel view with the Sling TV Web App.