Cheaper Disney+ Available For Roku

A cheaper Disney+ streaming option is now available for Roku devices via the ad-supported Disney. The addition brings the newer version of the Disney+ app to the biggest streaming platform in the US. The service which was launched as a way to further monetize its content costs $7.99 which was what the original ad-free version cost when it launched. Unlike Netflix, which offers ad-supported content for less than the standard prices it was already charging, when Disney launched the ad-supported service is raised the price of the ad-free version.

While most people who were already subscribers chose to move forward with higher prices there is a growing number of new subs opting into the ad-supported version. Hulu, also a Disney property began as an ad-supported streamer before later introducing a more expensive ad-free version. Those who have been following streaming from the start may even remember when Hulu was a PC-based free ad-supported streamer.

It will be worth noting whether the inclusion on Roku will impact its overall numbers.