Check Out Pluto TV Movies To Close Out April

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With Earth day is coming up April, 22 Pluto TV is rolling out everything from educational documentaries to cult classics. Thus is the fun of a multifaceted streaming service. Check out the listings below to find your niche.

Pluto TV Documentaries
Day Zero Premiere! Filmed over a three-year period, this documentary includes exclusive interviews from some of the world’s top scientists and experts, traveling across continents to explore some of the most shocking and alarming water shortage issues facing our planet today.

Earth Day on Naturescape – April 22
For a 3rd year in a row, Stingray Naturescape is joining forces with One Tree Planted! All streaming proceeds from Stingray Naturescape on Earth Day will be donated for the planting of trees.

Naturescape offers you an escape to a world of stunning nature scenes, all set to peaceful soundtracks. This Earth Day, the lineup includes trips over sandy beaches in the Dominican Republic, lush waterfalls in Hawaii, cruising over the turquoise waters of the Philippines, and watching animals graze in the lush landscape of New Zealand.

Pluto TV Science
On Pluto TV Science, tune in for Climate Change Awareness, featuring series such as Angry Planet, Animal Science, Green Paradise, Naked Science and Nature Knows Best.

Pluto TV Travel
It’s the World’s Greatest Marathon, with a showing of World’s Greatest!

Pluto TV Travel
Earth Day: Defend the Planet and check out some hits like District 9, The Terminator, and Outlander.

Pluto TV Drama
Earth Day
We Had A Good Run. Tune in for Snowpiercer, Z for Zachariah, and Melancholia

Pluto TV Cult Films
Earth Day
Post-Apocalyptic Warriors are celebrated in screenings of Tank Girl and Solarbabies

Pluto TV Animals
Earth Day
Top Performers Marathon with features including Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown, Wildlife Icons, Deadly Australians, Arabian Inferno, Sea Rescue, Lucky Dog, Shark Wranglers, and Secrets of Wild Australia.

Find Out Why
Earth Day Celebration!
Educate kids about today’s special day with shows like Baby Animals Around the World, Baby Animals In Out World 2, Baby Animals In the Wild, and Baby Animals and Friends