Cineverse Will Distribute Terrifier 3

Cineverse Corp. today announced that the Company has acquired all North American rights to the highly anticipated slasher sequel Terrifier 3 from filmmakers Damien Leone and Phil Falcone.

This team previously collaborated on the ultra-gory indie-horror blockbuster Terrifier 2, which brought in over $15 million worldwide at the box office and stayed in the top 10 in North America for an entire month, generating substantial press coverage and social media activity, and essentially dominating the Halloween season. The buzz surrounding Terrifier 2 resulted in a great deal of mainstream media exposure around the world, including coverage by “The Howard Stern Show” and even being spoofed on “Saturday Night Live”.

Following the release of Terrifier 2, Cineverse saw a substantial increase in subscriptions for its horror streaming service SCREAMBOX, which is operated by Bloody Disgusting, the leading horror brand. Terrifier 2 held up against Hollywood heavy hitters, carving out a place among the top 10 titles digitally on Apple TV and moving into the top 5 on both Google Play and VUDU in the weeks following its digital release.

For the third installment, creator Leone and producer Falcone look to build and expand on the success of the second film. Staying true to the fanbase, the team aims to recreate the magic of Terrifier 2, while pushing the boundary of the horror genre to an even more extreme level. Terrifier 3 is set to have a wide theatrical release next year in North America followed by its exclusive streaming debut on SCREAMBOX.

“Produced for just $250,000Terrifier 2 became a box office phenomenon, grossing more than $15 million worldwide,” said Chris McGurk, Chairman & CEO at Cineverse. “It achieved revenues of roughly 60 times the production cost and was fueled almost exclusively by social marketing. We are thrilled that Damien and Phil have chosen to stay true to the franchise and keep the film uncut and independent rather than taking the major studio route. We aim to make this film the centerpiece of our releasing strategy which is focused on creator-friendly collaboration to generate fan-favorite franchises and film remakes that work theatrically as well as drive streaming subscription revenues. This time, we are planning a wide theatrical release for Terrifier 3 as we are confident that the film will deliver yet another unparalleled horror experience. We eagerly anticipate the creative vision that Damien and Phil will unleash upon audiences when we bring Terrifier 3 to the big screen in the fall of 2024.”