Deep Roku Discounts Already Available

While we have all grown accustomed to seeing major discounts on electronics every November as a leadup to Christmas the tradition has been to expect the biggest Discounts to arrive on Black Friday. Well with supply chains cracked and a host of other factors at play most retail analysts have been telling potential shoppers not to hold off. We would say the same thing when it comes to Roku. The company will likely have some bargains in place at stores across the country in late November but users can already get a crack at some deep discounts on Roku products throughout the month including $15.00 off our favorite budget Roku, the Roku Streaming Stick+. Both the Stick+ and Streaming Stick 4K are discounted taking their prices to
$29.99 and $34.00 respectfully.

While we rarely write about sales we would be remiss to leave out deals at a time when so many of us are trying to save money for expected spikes in grocery prices and heating bills. We highlight the two sticks because while we understand that while most people want to try to save money where they can, we at the Streaming Advisor have found over time that the difference between 15-20 dollars can be a lot of speed and longevity for a product.

Keep your eyes out for streaming product discounts over the next few weeks and as always, Steam on my friends.