Disney+ Adding Parent Pins With Daredevil

Disney is going to put the rest of its existing Marvel content on Disney+ after all. We believed that content such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist would be more likely located on Hulu than Disney+ because of the pretty clear PG13 ratings for the content found on Disney+. But Disney will opt instead to place the edgier TVMA programming on its main Marvel hub with new security in place so that parents can prevent younger viewers from accessing the more adult-centered programming.

To accommodate the introduction of TV-MA programming (equivalent to an R-rating in features), Disney+ will be updating its parental controls. The new protections include including profile-specific ratings restrictions, PIN locks for individual user profiles, and “Kid-Proof Exit” questions. The company already has a system in place internationally because it integrated programming that would typically be found on Hulu into its Disney+ app using the Star brand. The move is likely necessary in order to keep customers who got the service expecting it to be pure family-friendly, which can not be said for other services, from reconsidering their subscriptions.

“We have experienced great success with this on Disney Plus across our global markets and will continue that here in the US as well by offering our consumers not only great content, but also a set of features that help ensure a viewing experience most suitable for them and their family,’ Paull said.

Not all of the new content heading to Disney+ is so violent. Agents of Shield will also be joining the MCU and other Marvel content as it will leave Netflix and come home to the house of mouse. The series like Daredevil and the rest of the “Defenders” series began with an idea of being included in the MCU, where the star Clark Gregg attained cult status as Agent Coulson.