Disney Might Just Make It

What do you know, the biggest name in the entertainment industry might just pull off another year in existence.  With 129.8 million subscribers and after the first-quarter results from 2022 showed a gain of 12 million subscribers for Disney+ the company’s stock rose 9%. Disney has taken heat this year because “Wallstreet” expected it to gain more subscribers during its previous investor update and it didn’t. So therefore financial reporting hacks and clickbait artists in the streaming community began to diagnose what was wrong with the company that owns the most recognizable brands in the world and has a less than 3-year-old streaming service that is currently a top 3 leader in subscribers.

There was nothing wrong with Disney. But now that it added so many subscribers in the last report you can be sure that “Wall Street” will now raise expectations as to how many they will add this quarter, and if Disney does not live up to those expectations the hand wringing and finger-wagging will start again. In general, we feel that there is a fundamental misunderstanding of Disney’s place in the streaming space. Disney+ just keeps getting bigger, adding more shows and dominating weekly streaming conversations. It continues to create new interest in old properties, created an entire market for Baby Yoda dolls that is going strong and just keeps popping out Star Wars and Marvel-related hits. Even shows that are not well received get plenty of press. And the key thing in PR is that you want people talking about you, as long as it isn’t a scandal.

So buckle up. This little engine that could is coming around the tracks and I think it can keep going in perpetuity.

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