What Is The Easiest Way To Watch The Super Bowl Without Cable?

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The biggest TV event of the year is coming up this weekend and there will be a mad rush to find the game online and on TV, so we put this simple guide together to help you check out the game when it’s time.

Free With Antenna

If you do not have an antenna yet and like shows from network TV or miss seeing local sports and news you should look into one. The game will be broadcast on NBC so it will be available without any app or subscription as long as you can get a signal. Will an antenna work for you? There is no way to know without trying. All of the big box stores sell them and they come at numerous price points. Pro-tip though, do not go with the underpowered ones or those that look like the old-fashioned rabbit ears.  A good antenna will have a 60-mile range. Companies that advertise that they can pull in signals from hundreds of miles away are outright lying. So give it a try before Sunday afternoon and see what you can see.

Streaming with Peacock

Peacock is an app owned by Comcast/NBC that will be the streaming home to the big game. Peacock is available on all of the major streaming platforms and via its website. But we need to note, that in order to access the stream of the game you will have to be a paid subscriber. Peacock as an app confuses people because of how it is marketed. There is a free tier and two paid tiers, one that has a selection of programming without commercials and one that shows commercials. The cheapest option is commercially supported and costs $4.99. The game is only available to those in one of the paid tiers. For the purposes of the Superbowl, which is a commercially driven program you may as well pay for the $4.99 tier otherwise you will miss out on all the fun.

The advantage with Peacock is that it has apps for smart TVs and streaming devices along with mobile devices, so it is versatile enough to let you watch the game from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Mobile Only Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports will stream the Super Bowl via its mobile app for free. This is a solution for those who know they will not be able to be in front of a TV for the game and could prove to be a lifesaver in a crunch.

Cable Replacement Services

Hulu+ Live TV, YouTube TV and FuboTV all offer NBC as part of their channel lineup. Jumping in with a full bundle of channels may be overkill just for the game but it may be that you have been looking to step up your capabilities anyway. In the case of these services though you can technically sign up within the free preview period and drop it after the game.

Make your plan!

Whatever method you choose I suggest you get set up for it before the game is starting. You can expect the Peacock website to be very busy this weekend between the football and the Olympics so if you are going to set up a profile do it before things potentially crash under the weight of multiple people hitting it at the same time.