Disney+ Ties Up Netflix In One Important Metric

Disney+ has reached a very interesting milestone. While it is still behind Netflix as far as overall subscribers, which makes it no different than every other streaming service in the entire world, Disney+ now has an equal amount of people sharing passwords to the service. That is quite the feat considering how long Netflix has been at it which is over a decade versus how long Disney Plus has been added. Apparently, people like it. Reporting last month centered around Disney+ adding fewer subscribers this past year than it did when it launched. You know like when it came out of nowhere to become 100 million subscriber service in less than two years.

A story from Fierce Media cited new data from Kagan Consumer Insights showing that based on responses from 2,626 U.S. adults that 11% of users of both Netflix and Disney+ indicated that they use a shared login for accessing the services. Hulu followed at around 8% while HBO Max showed about 7% of viewers using shared credentials and Amazon Prime Video had about 5%.

In 2021 it didn’t add another hundred million subscribers. Streaming pundits howled about the slowdown saying that Disney needed to be for their offering and start doing a whole lot more original programming and so on. Well, it looks as though the programming that’s there is so on the man in demand that people feel the need to either point it out to others or ask to see what it is after all.