Disney Will Launch ESPN and Disney Streaming Service

10,000 sporting events per year will be coming to a new stand-alone ESPN offering when Disney launches a pair of new ventures. NBC reports that the ESPN offering which will be the first of its kind will feature content from MLB, Tennis Majors, MLS and the NHL. Does this mean that live NHL Hockey will be returning to ESPN? There were no details listed for the kinds of sporting events that will be available on the service, only that it will be.

Disney will also be looking to launch a standalone streaming service.Starting with content in 2019 all new Disney releases will be found on the new service. This means that while Netflix has a contract with Disney over the next few years that will give it Star Wars and Marvel content new films like Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2 will not land on the big red machine. This announcement makes the recent purchase of the “Millerverse” make a lot of sense.

We will continue to look into this story going forward.