ESPN Without Cable Will Not Be That Great For Football Fans

Sometimes you get what you pay for. $For 4.99 ESPN Plus subscribers will get access to Major league Baseball, Major League Soccer and NHL Hockey rugby, golf, cricket and other sports. Notice what it’s missing? NFL Football, College Football, and Men’s basketball. Like I said, you get what you pay for.

What Does ESPN Plus have?

This service could be a godsend to baseball and hockey fans. ESPN hasn’t really released specific info about what kind of games will be on the network but if it means tons of baseball and hockey will be available without paying for cable or a slim bundle like Sling TV it could prove to be very popular. It may make a big impact on a fledgling service like Fubo TV, which has made a big investment in sports that don’t get as much mainstream play as the big guys.

On the other hand, let’s not talk about it as though it is the new home of the college football playoffs either. It will be a hub for basically everything else. That’s perfectly fine. But writers better hold back the hyperbole about the cable free ESPN offering.

The ESPN app has also not announced availability on Roku, which could prevent a number of potential customers from taking advantage of it.

Disney has the potential to offer something pretty impressive with the sports packages it is picking up in the Fox merger. I suspect that at some point the ESPN plus service will include regional sports channels and possibly conference based channels that were originally part of the Fox family. Look at what is rolling out now more like a trial balloon or placeholder for something bigger down the line.