Expect Netflix Marvel Shows To Land On Hulu In The US

Hulu on Smart TV

It has been reported that the Marvel shows originally developed for Netflix will be leaving the streamer. Canadians have recently found out that the shows which include, Daredevil Jessica Jones, Luc Cage, Iron Fist, and The Punisher will launch on Disney+ in March. Should you expect to see the same thing in the US market? No. Hulu is Disney’s adult leaning buffer zone where subscribers can see all there is to see about the TV experience without having to remain family-friendly. The language alone in some of the series made for Netflix would not hold up on a family-friendly service like Disney+, much less the violence, sexual situations and other topics that come up. Anyone who has seen for instance Jessica Jones’s “interactions” with Luke Cage would know what I’m talking about. Remember the first MCU “Sex Scene” in The Eternals? Yeah it’s not like that.

Other topics dealt with include graphic cold-blooded murder, serial rape and psychological abuse, child molestation. matricide and just things that could keep the kids up at night. On the other hand finding Daredevil next to Future Man, The Great or The Hand Maids Tale would not seem at all out of place. Sure these are Marvel shows, but to paraphrase Fred Savage They are Marvel by way of Netflix. Just not the same exact family.

Now this is not to say that you will not see other characters from the Netflix shows appear in Marvel movies.


Those who watched Hawkeye already saw Wilson Fisk in action and the Matt Murdock cameo in Spiderman No Way Home got major buzz. COuld Marc Coulter’s Luke Cage show up to mix it up with Moon Knight? Why not? Any of the characters are obviously fair game. But if the shows end up being revived on Disney+ they will have a decidedly different flavor. On the other hand, if the shows are revived on Hulu, which would be kind of a stroke of genius by Disney, they could stay rated R and give people another reason to sign up for Hulu. The revivals could even be worked into that rotation Disney uses where a new Marvel show launches weeks after the last Star Wars show, which wrapped up right after the last Marvel show. If it launches 4 new shows on Hulu it can space things out even more so.

Keep your eyes peeled. It will probably break fast.