F2V Roku Channel Shutting Down


The Roku channel F2V is shutting down operation as of today. The beginning of the end of the channel was June 13, when channel Georges Brunet released a statement on the Facebook group “We are streamers on a budget” explaining that he was pulling links after receiving a take-down notice from Weigel Broadcasting telling him to remove links to their stations.

He also indicated that no legal action was pending and that he did not realize what he was doing was wrong. In a statement to The Streaming Advisor, Brunet shared that

“Free2View TV was created as a hub for what’s already available legally for free. It’s not intended to replace any existing apps or places online, like TV channels streaming their channels online. But as a means to have an all-in-one place to conveniently access the same channels from various places.”

Brunet has since changed course and changed stories.

His statement on June 13 drew the attention of reporter Matthew Keys who began to press Brunet for information regarding how he got the rights for the streams he used. After defending himself for days, early this morning Brunet released a lengthy statement on the Facebook group he manages “We are streamers on a budget” detailing that he was aware that what he was doing was wrong. That statement was later removed. His most recent statement still admitted culpability for his actions, acknowledging that he did not have permission to share the streams that he used and furthermore was not being honest about his understanding of the situation.

Brunet also released a statement admitting that he was not truthful in his statement to the Streaming Advisor.

Along with the F2V Roku channel, Brunet will also be shutting down a related Discord server and GitHub.