Fox News Digital Tops All Competitors

You can call it what you want, but you can’t call its ratings poor. FOX News Digital finished January 2023 as the top-performing news organization in the competitive set in both multiplatform minutes and views, according to Comscore.

The news option has spent 23 straight months as the number one news brand with multiplatform minutes. Multiplatform minutes reflect views on mobile, smart TV’s and any other way people may access the service online.

FOX News Digital closed out January reaching over 3 billion total multiplatform minutes, 1.8 billion total multiplatform views and 109 million multiplatform unique visitors.

As more people have migrated away from traditional cable based TV delivery the use of digital options has grown. The overall numbers for Fox Digital include viewership for all of its digital brands including Fox Business, which drove 148 million multiplatform views, surpassing CNN Business for the 10th consecutive month. Additionally, the business network delivered over 247 million multiplatform minutes (+11% versus the prior year) and 26.1 million multiplatform unique visitors (+11% versus the prior year).