Fubo TV Best Service For TV Everywhere Apps

There are a lot of factors when it comes to choosing a cable replacement service for you and your family. And one of them that can be easy to overlook is TV everywhere apps. What are TV Everywhere apps? They are apps built by TV networks that allow customers who pay to get their channels to access their content. If you have ever noticed an app on your phone, streaming device or TV for say Lifetime or The SyFy channel and wondered why there were little locks on top of program listings you were looking at a TV Everywhere app.

How do TV Everywhere apps work?

TV Everywhere apps are built so that customers with traditional pay TV services be they cable and satellite services or streaming only cable replacement services can access their programming libraries on-demand and in many cases watch programming live. They require customers to log in to the respective services website and identify which service they pay for in order to get a given channel. So for instance if you have Spectrum Cable and receive the Hallmark Channel you would add the Hallmark channel app to your device of choice. You would then click a sign in option. The app would take you to a page that would say something to the affect of “In order to unlock our programming go to the website channel.com/activation and type in this code 6CBEDH5. Once you type in which ever code is on your screen a list of TV providers will pop up  and you will be prompted to choose yours. You may have to use a search feature to find yours. After you do so you will be taken to the page for your provider and be asked to sign in to it. Once you have done so the app will become fully active. If you happen to be signed in to your TV provider website already the app will update and open as soon as you choose your provider.

What can you watch on a TV Everywhere app?

With a TV Everywhere app, which programming is available is up to the channel itself. The choices vary from the entire run of a select series to the last 5 episodes of a given show. Some TV Everywhere apps have every show that ever aired on their station. Many offer a live feed of their linear channel. But there is no universal rule as to what you will get from one or another. It all depends on what the provider wants to put out there. The good news is that over time the breadth of what is available seems to be growing.

fubo TV is the most TV Everywhere friendly cable replacement service

In our research we have found that fubo TV more than any other cable replacement service provides access to the most TV everywhere apps. In general, other cable replacement services allow users to access past episodes of network shows through their own interfaces. So it is not like there is not a way to watch a series without accessing the TV everywhere app. The difference is that fubo TV does both. And by allowing users to use TV Everywhere apps it means that they are able to see the content the way the actual channel wants you to.

Is there an advantage to going through a branded app instead of the provider itself?

Using the TV Everywhere app gives uses a more stylized interface and can make accessing specific programming easier. For instance you won’t have to search the entire on-demand database and click through tons of unrelated titles to find what you want. Plus if you are exploring an app based on your interest for instance HGTV, you are more likely to find more content geared directly to that type of programming for later.

Why We Recommend fubo TV for TV Everywhere apps

I have used a number of the premium cable replacement services on the market and they all have their strengths. But the fact of the matter is that many of them have not built the relationships with these channels in the way that fubo TV has. You can see for yourself as you explore the apps and look for providers that while they partner with hundreds of regional cable systems it is rare to find YouTube TV, Hulu with live TV, Philo and others listed as a provider. Sling TV does partner with many including ESPN which is helpful, but in general these cable replacement services would rather you stay and shop in their neighborhood than venture out to other apps. While fubo TV has its own extensive on-demand system built in via the network listings section of its app, it chooses to allow users to have full access to the TV everywhere apps as well. We think this is a win for consumers.

What kind of TV Everywhere apps can you access with fubo TV?

fubo TV apps include multiple takes on specific channels. For instance it supports the NBC Sports app. Within the NBC sports app one can access multiple regional NBC sports channels, Live NBC coverage of NFL Football on Sunday Night, Notre Dame Football from multiple camera angles etc. And that is just one example. The service has 82 streaming options available when you count in things like getting 7 or more sports options from NBC Sports alone.