fubo TV Launches New Plan Priced Just Like Cabe

A lot of publications refer to services like fubo TV as cord-cutting options. The Streaming Advisor has avoided the term when talking about live streaming bundles because we see them as sort of Cable light. When it comes to fubo TVs new Ultimate Plan it is not even cable light anymore.

The new Ultimate Plan, which is one of a number of different options for customers to sign up for, is priced at $99.00 (the typical new customer price for cable services) and includes every extra service and feature that fubo TV offers including Showtime, a 1,000 hour DVR, 209 channels which are part of all of fubo’s extra add-on packages. The difference of course is that the price is not a one-year promotional deal that jacks up to price in the second year of a contract.

The pricing is very aggressive compared even to YouTube TV $65.99 per month and Hulu with Live TV, at 69.99 and includes Disney+ and ESPN+.

Both of the mentioned services include unlimited DVR along with coveted sports channels, local network affiliates and TNT.  fubo TV, which does not carry TNT meant that customers out of the NBA’s Western Conference playoffs due to its near-exclusive rights to that part of the NBA TV package.

What fubo TV does offer that nothing else does is a heavy dose of sports from around the world and the ability to gamble on them via its apps, which could very well be the future of sports gambling as more states legalize the practice.

Overall the landscape for what we call cable replacement services has a variety of flavors and options. fubo TV seems happy to be at the top of the price point and its strategy has led to growth year over year. The company broke over 1 million subscribers for the first time in 2022 and continues to add new features as it meets the needs of its premium leaning customers.