fubo TV Will Soon Be On Xbox or PlayStation

In his first letter to shareholders, David Gandler Co-founder and CEO of fubo TV announced among other things that the company is looking to be included as a streaming option on gaming consoles. At the moment, fubo TV is found on a number of streaming formats including Roku, Hisense TV’s using VIDAA, Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV as well as IOS and Android mobile devices. The streaming option is also available via internet browsers.

Jumping on to gaming consoles would be another big step for the service, which announced that it had 316k subscribers 2019. There is a large block of potential customers who use game consoles as their main TV interface which has led most leading streaming platforms to develop apps for them. The two most prominent game consoles that emphasize streaming apps are Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation. Both have multiple streaming apps.

Gandler did not specifically say which platform would include fubo going forward but its a safe bet that it will be one or both of the leading options.