FuboTV Live Streaming Service Growing Slowly But Surely

FuboTV has gotten to 100,000 subscribers as it continues to push into the live streaming skinny bundle game. But the real story with FuboTV is that it is looking to go international. Why is this important? Because the US market may actually be set already and there are probably not enough customers to propel it past far more established players with stronger relationships in the industry.

FuboTV had originally made a push as a sports streaming service for cord cutters but it has been expanding its offerings to a point where it is starting to look like the rest of the skinny bundles on the market. And that is actually a bad thing. At $39.99 it is priced along the lines of the rest of the market as opposed to being an inexpensive niche service for sports fans. It is not unique in one way in the US.

If it can reach untapped markets overseas, on the other hand, it could change the landscape tremendously. Netflix benefitted greatly from being in more countries than the US and FuboTV could follow suit. It will need to tailer its lineup to offer more localized content as people in say Spain probably don’t get excited to see the Pac 12 game of the week, but having more than one base of operations should change the equation for FuboTV in a way that could take it to new heights over the next few years.

Source Bloomberg