Get Your Tech Today

Without highlighting deals that can come and go at a flash I want to let all the cord-cutters and streaming fans I would encourage anybody who has been looking for deals on streaming devices to jump on Cyber Monday deals across the Internet. Check out,, and for discounts on streaming devices and even TVs. We have observed a number of deep TV discounts across those three sites and as has been the case for the past 3 years almost every TV we run across is streaming ready. Amazon of course has a number of deals on TVs with its OS built-in but also great deals on Roku Powered TVs. Today is a good time to get in and take advantage of our advice to pair at least two streaming platforms together.

Grab a TV with one OS built-in like a Roku-powered TV, with a discounted Fire TV stick or do the reverse and get a Fire TV-powered TV with a Roku stick. That will give you access to 9k apps or more between the two of them and give yourself the flexibility to weather any of these rotating app coverage battles that constantly emerge.

So check out those big three and don’t forget Target, which is often overlooked when it comes to tech deals.