How To Find Wonderful World Of Disney Movies On Disney+

Disney+ has been reorganizing its menus of late by creating multiple hubs of content and movie series. But one group of films that has gotten left out of the mix is the Wonderful World Of Disney. These are the movies that graced the small screen and made Sunday Nights family TV Movie night in America. While few of the original films ranked up there with say, The Avengers, the nostalgia of these movies is a major draw to people of a certain age.

For those looking for films from The Wonderful World of Disney series, you will have to either do a basic search for the title you are seeking or scan through the section simply labeled as Movies. From there the selections will be among the rest of the catalog via the A-Z sorting choice. Why Disney has not broken the movie into their own category considering it has a Disney Channel Movies section and more is a question above my pay grade. But the good news is that they are still there for anyone who wants to sit on the floor with a TV dinner and remember their childhood.