How To Watch ACC Sports Online Without Cable

The ACC is one of the more open conferences in college sports and that’s good news to fans. While there are a number of major ACC football and basketball games on cable channels like ESPN and Fox Sports ACC fans have an easy and free way to watch at least one game online for free every weekend. Of course, just in case you didn’t think of it you can also watch weekly ACC games and more on TV with an antenna.

The ACC’s Website and app provide a free stream of the ACC’s weekly game of the week in Football and Basketball. The Stream is available for free with no blackout issues in the entire US. This means that anyone who wants to watch weekly featured games can do so as long as they have an Internet connection. On a computer just go to It’s very important to remember the “the” in the URL or you will get a website concerning corporate counsel.

Why Can’t I watch it on my Roku or Fire Stick?
The ACC’s website and app are not to be confused with a different app called the ACC Digital Network. While it may sound from the title like the obvious place to start, the ACC Digital Network is a different entity than the app for IOS and Android. The ACC Digital Network is a landing place to find press conference, game information and pretty much anything you want to know about ACC sports besides watching the live games.

Is there a way to stream the games to my TV?
Yes there are a couple of ways.

PC or Mac
Hook a computer to an HDTV via an HDMI cord. There are a number of inexpensive windows mini PCs that like any windows computer will have browsers capable of supporting the ACC website. Most any other computer will have an HDMI port on the side or back of the device. HDMI cords can be found for as little as 5-10 dollars on Amazon. Don’t purchase a $100.00 cord from Best Buy.

IOS Apple TV can take advantage of mirroring from their device and watch the games using AirPlay. This will allow you to shoot the content directly from an iPhone, iPod touch or an iPad.

Android Box owners can use the native ACC app from the Google Play Store to watch the games.  If you own an “Android TV” powered box or tellevision  box though, which is the

Android TV“Android TV” powered boxes such as the Nvidia Shield, Mi Player or AirTV or even a television try out the Puffin browser in the Google Play store.

Fire TV and Fire and TV Sticks It is possible to use the app but it takes more work. Essentially you have to side load a browser to the device. That is a more technical solution. The easiest way to accomplish this would be to use a USB stick to load a browser APK to the device. If that sounds too complicated for you at this point it really might be.