How To Watch Star Trek Voyager For Free

Star Trek TNG

Star Trek Voyager, the show that made Trek fans fall in love with a Borg, is coming to Pluto TV as part of the Star Trek Channel. The Star Trek Channel has been part of Pluto TV since the service came under the auspices of Paramount Inc after the merger of CBS and Pluto TV’s parent company Viacom.

The episodes will air as part of the continuous 24-7 stream built into the curated change but not be available on-demand. That is still reserved for the premium pay service Paramount+, which has become the home of the Star Trek universe over the past few years as Paramount, like other studios, has laid claim to its most iconic and bankable properties.

If you want to check out Star Trek Voyager on Pluto TV you can add the app on any major streaming platform or access it via the Pluto TV website.