Hulu Is Due For A Redesign

Hulu on Smart TV

Hulu with Live TV offers a huge slate of programming in a package that now includes Hulu’s live TV service. Hulu’s full-on-demand service, Disney+, and ESPN+, but there is one big problem. All of the content that it offers is not found in one place. Why is this a problem? Because if Disney wants to highlight the value of its streaming bundle it has to depend on its customers activating and setting up profiles for multiple apps. And if all of that content is meant to help hook in customers for the long haul based on the added value of all the sports, Marvel, Star Wars, and so forth people have to be enticed to watch it.

Passive numbers

One place where the program is a big winner is that it means that anybody who decides to sign up for Hulu with Live TV is automatically recognized as say an ESPN+ subscriber. This sort of gives Disney the chance to recreate a little of the formula that comes from basic cable inclusion for a channel. Everyone who signs up for basic cable is a potential ESPN viewer. Now Everyone who signs up for Hulu with Live TV is a potential ESPN+ viewer. That will help when making presentations to sports leagues and other stakeholders going forward.

Here is what Hulu With Live TV should do

First of all, it should include content from All of its programming options in its search results. If you are looking through science fiction movies in Hulu the Star Wars and Marvel movies should appear along with everything that would otherwise be available in Hulu. This could be done in one way direction allowing Disney to keep rated R material and other things that do not fit into its Disney+ brand outside of that toy box while still allowing users to get access to the full scope of programming. Its kids’ section and the rest of the headings should operate in the same cross-platform manner.

Provide a portal

Within Hulu’s basic interface there should be a tab with Disney+ content highlighted. For instance, currently, there is a home screen tab called hubs. Within hubs users can jump into selections from 20th Century, Black Stories (for Black History Month), Hotstar, Hulu Originals, FX, Hispanic and Latinx Stories,  Asian and Pacific Islanders, Pride never Stops and Made By Her. Dropping a Disney+ block and an ESPN+ block would be easy. ESPN+ content should also be fully integrated into the live section of the program grid and sports section of the Live TV home screen.

Without making sure that people can find what there is to see it can be hard to get them to check it out. You might not be able to make it drink but at least lead that horse to the water. Hulu has always been part of Disney’s long game. And so far it has played it exceptionally well. It bought out one partner completely with FOX and helped Comcast out the door as it decided to put together Peacock.