Is Amazon Doing A Full Product Refresh?

A new version of the Amazon Prime Video app is rolling out to users on multiple platforms. We have not seen it on any of our devices yet, but the new look puts the Prime Video app in line with other mainstream apps by arranging its menu on the left side of the screen instead of using a horizontal menu along the top of the screen. But will it stop with the app itself, or is Amazon planning to roll out a new version of its interface that integrates those elements into the entire Fire TV system?

Amazon has not been shy about changing up the look of the interface of either its Prime Video app or the overall UI of the Fire TV OS. When it first launched it was undeniably similar to what was known at the time as the Plex Media Center. It had a black and gold menu with a vertical menu on the left side of the screen. Later Amazon shifted to the horizontal-based menu, with content rows giving the whole screen an app-like feel, which even though it is navigable by a remote control, feels more like a windows computer program or website. Its Prime video app followed suit, simplifying and breaking things down more easily into Prime content, free content, and partner content along with sports.

But the new refresh of the video app again points to a new way of breaking down its content. And there is no reason to believe that Amazon is not looking to organize its TV screen in the same way. It should be noted for instance that Amazon changed the basic menu along the top of its screen by replacing the words Home or Search with icons that represent the same thing. The icons the company uses now look exactly like the icons that other services use in their slim vertical menus. They take up less space meaning there is more room for advertising or content/partner suggestions.

I would not expect a move before its new Prime app is available on all streaming platforms. But if Amazon announces an update to its 4k streaming stick after using Amazon Prime Day to drain their stock with huge discounts on their entire product line, it might be a good bet that they will unveil the new look with the product refresh. It would not be strange to see the company roll things out that way because it can grab part of the narrative going into the fall with a flashy new look and a slightly updated new piece of hardware.

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