Netflix Buying Lego Movie Studio

Netflix is again making an aggressive move that is sure to help it lock down more exclusive content. Along with making investors happy by telling them the company did not lose 2 million subscribers Netflix also announced that it will be acquiring Animal Logic, the company behind the Lego Movie franchise with its fingers in a lot of other pies throughout the entertainment industries.

The Lego Movie brand is not an unsubstantial one in the least, and the additional assets and connections will further allow Netflix to develop more of its own intellectual property further lessening its reliance on the studios that hold so many of the keys to the entertainment industry.

“Today, we announced that we will be acquiring leading animation studio Animal Logic, with ~800 amazing people mostly in Sydney and Vancouver, which will help us accelerate the development of our animation production capabilities and reinforces our commitment to build a world-class animation studio,” Netflix wrote in its Q2 2022 shareholder letter.

Animal Logic has been producing award-winning design, visual effects and animation for over 30 years. Headquartered in Sydney, Animal Logic set up a second studio in Vancouver, Canada in 2015 and has worked on Hollywood blockbusters including Happy Feet, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, The LEGO Movies and Peter Rabbit 1 & 2, alongside a catalogue of amazing visual effects work including The Matrix, Moulin Rouge!, 300, and The Great Gatsby.

The announcement builds on an already strong partnership between the two companies, with a full slate of films across Animal Logic’s Sydney and Vancouver studios including  The Magician’s Elephant, directed by Wendy Rogers, and the recently announced The Shrinking of the Treehorns, directed by Ron Howard, for Netflix.

“Netflix has been investing in animation over the past few years and this furthers our commitment to building a world-class animation studio,” said Amy Reinhard, Netflix Vice President of Studio Operations. “Animal Logic is a leading animation studio with innovative technology that will strengthen our existing business and increase our long-term capacity in the animation space, so that we can better entertain our members around the world.”

Netflix is not going quietly into the night.