Is CBS Viacom Deal Dead? The Distributor is Going Solo

It looks like Viacom will be rolling out its own streaming service after all. We wondered a few years ago if the company would go this route. The recent talk of a merger between the company and CBS may not be all it was cracked up to be. With Viacom announcing plans to offer a separate streaming service it may mark a turning point for the company. But to be fair CBS also owns Showtime and the CW which both have totally separate apps apart from CBS All Access. So we should not read too far into things.

What the Viacom service be like

The company promises thousands of hours of content on an Ad-supported platform. It did not say if the service will be free like Sony Crackle or a pay service along the lines of Hulu. Both offer TV and movie content with ads. Viacom could leverage a great deal of TV and film content into this service and give streamers a great new option. But it risks losing out if it expects users to pony up for content the cable companies are dropping.

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