Kodi On Xbox One

Kodi is now available on the Xbox One. This is a tremendous pick up for Kodi because it helps to legitimize the software as it puts the media center on a huge platform in the face of all of the negative press that has been generated due to third-party add-ons. The app is available in the Xbox app store and does not need to be sideloaded.

HUGE For Xbox
Xbox One is the first Major game system to support Kodi since of course the inception of XBMC. The premium game console which competes directly against the Sony PlayStation has a feather in its cap that could be a game changer considering the audience for both games and online streaming. The ven diagram of the core Xbox one users and people who also use Kodi likely overlaps quite a bit, though I can say I have never seen a study on that.

While Kodi disavows any connection to the illicit programs that are marketed to Android users and such, the ability to add apps that aid in piracy will undoubtedly be a draw for those looking at both systems (PS4 and Xbox One)  Just as the Amazon Fire TV has a special place in the set-top box world amongst Kodi fans vs Roku or Apple TV. This sort of Piracy will not last forever. But there will be a lot of buzz around this one.