LG Launching New Free Streaming Channels

As summer streaming heats up, LG Electronics has launched a variety of new channels on its free streaming service, LG Channels, available on all LG Smart TV models 2016 and newer (webOS 3.0+) in the U.S.

LG Channels is LG’s exclusive free streaming service, offering a wide selection of premium live and on-demand programming, including movies, TV shows, news, sports, childrens’ programs, and more.  With more than 350 channels and growing, LG Smart TV owners can easily discover their favorite programs by launching the LG Channels application on their LG TV’s webOS platform.

Since its introduction to LG’s webOS platform, LG Channels has grown into one of the top 6 apps on webOS in the U.S. in terms of streaming hours and averages approximately 40% daily growth compared to 2021 usage. LG has also started producing its own content exclusive to LG Channels with the recent debut of The Rivalries, a docu-series that explores college sports’ most intense but lesser-known rivalries.

New Channels in the United States

Fear Factor (US Channel 332) From producer-distributor Banijay, Fear Factor shows contestants overcome their fears in a series of gut-churning challenges for a chance at winning $50,000.

Deal or No Deal (US Channel 330) From producer-distributor Banijay, Deal Or No Deal is the ground breaking game show where contestants play and deal for a top cash prize in a contest of nerves, luck and raw intuition.

All Real (US Channel 285) From producer-distributor Banijay, All Real is the home of iconic Reality TV. From Flavor of Love to For the Love of Ray J, re-live your favorite moments from the juiciest, funniest Reality Shows of the 2000s.

Wipeout Xtra (US Channel 331) From producer-distributor Banijay, Wipeout Xtra is the home of physical and exciting gameshows, where you can witness unexpected challenges.

The Biggest Loser (US Channel 101) From producer-distributor Banijay, The Biggest Loser shows contestants aim to transform their bodies and lives with the help of health experts.

The Elvis Presley Channel (US Channel 320) The Elvis Presley Channel from Cinedigm features non-stop Elvis content and other classics inspired by The King of Rock & Roll.

Stingray SPA (US Channel 910) Calm your soul, body and mind with purely instrumental electro-acoustic music.

Stingray Easy Listening (US Channel 912) Settle in for pure relaxation with easy-listening hits by chart-topping artists you love.

Stingray Smooth Jazz (US Channel 911) Explore the hottest contemporary jazz artists in a smooth-flowing soundscape, featuring melodic and stylish guitars, saxophones, pianos and trumpets.