LG Updating Its Free Channel Offering

LG Electronics has announced a rollout for the latest version of its free streaming service “LG Channels” The 3.0 update features a new UI with what the company says is improved navigation, engaging placements for content, additional placements for discovering content and an enhanced channel guide.

LG Channels 3.0 will roll out in South Korea this month, followed by additional markets, including the US, starting this October. 

LG has designed the new UI around three pages based on how users have been engaging with the content up to this point. The selections break down into three pages,  Home, Live and On Demand ·

Home: Features a large-scale, rotating carousel located at the top of the screen for easy access to featured content, curated collections and premium On Demand content. 

Live: Users can now play live broadcast channels directly from within the LG Channels app. New channels guides now only cover half the screen, allowing users to view what is playing while searching for additional live programs.  

On Demand: Select your favorite types of content from movies to TV shows and receive recommendations from the Popular Now category.