Love Is On-Demand This Week

Well, it looks like its time for a little Romance, and a little gross-out horror.

The George Clooney-Julia Roberts romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise, newly available on Vudu, is the top title on Fandango’s on-demand streaming service for the week of November 7th through November 13th. The week’s second biggest movie, and #3 title overall, is Damien Leone’s low-budget horror sequel Terrifier 2, a remarkable achievement considering the film just debuted on Vudu this Friday.

One of the biggest shows on TV, Season 5, Part 1 of Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone ranks as Vudu’s top TV series and #2 among overall titles on Fandango’s on-demand streaming service. This should come as no surprise considering the regular buzz around the show.

Vudu’s top ten titles for the past week, in terms of revenue, are as follows:

  1. Ticket to Paradise
  2. Yellowstone: Season 5, Part 1
  3. Terrifier 2
  4. Top Gun: Maverick
  5. Beast
  6. Bullet Train
  7. Nope
  8. Medieval
  9. Don’t Worry Darling
  10. Three Thousand Years of Longing
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