More Piracy Sites Sunk In UK

Content pirates in the UK will have to find new waters to sail. A release in EIN detailed how The Motion Picture Association successfully pushed for ISPs in Britain to block access to websites that shared copyrighted material without permission. The sites have been operating under the notion that as long as they didn’t actually host content that they were not doing anything illegal. Many think or pretend to think that there is a difference between having a server full of movies and profiting from them instead of being a one-stop place to link to them and making money off of them. But as numerous lawsuits have shown, this is not the case.

The latest sights to be blocked are:

  •, with 16.5 million visits per month,
  •, with 10 million visits per month,
  •, with 4.5 million visits per month,
  • and

There is no word as to if those sites face their own legal problems at the moment, but it is never good to be the focus of any court-ordered shutdown. Due to the intermingled way piracy works, these blocks may well affect a number of piracy streaming services that use links from the same sources.