55 Million Household Are Streaming Only

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If you have ever wondered why major cable companies have begun to offer streaming-only packages to customers the latest from a study by Magnite may be insightful. 55 million U.S. households that only watch internet-based TV. That means there are 55 million homes where customers do not use an antenna or pay-TV at all. This is part of the reason you are seeing so many of these ad-supported services like Pluto TV and Peacock blowing up on multiple platforms. People are changing the way they watch TV.

“CTV is now much more than just an audience extension tool or an add-on to a linear buy, because it’s clear that a large portion of TV viewers have shifted their attention in favor of CTV,” Magnite chief revenue officer, CTV, Sean Buckley said. “While traditional TV audiences have become more homogeneous, CTV viewers encompass a representative cohort of ages and backgrounds. Our goal in conducting this research is to help media owners and advertisers understand how they can use CTV to reach CTV viewers effectively, authentically and respectfully.”

That audience is going to continue to dictate the future of TV because of its diverse nature compared to traditional TV viewers who tend to be 55 and older. The truth is though, that the popularity of streaming is growing in all age groups.