More Star Wars Today On Disney+ With Andor

Star Wars series, Andor launched on Disney+ today with a whopping 3 episode debut. The series, which in Star Wars lore, takes place after the prequel series and of movies and Obiwan lands right as the rebellion against the galactic empire begins to gain steam. It will build on characters introduced in the one-off movie, Star Wars Rogue 1, and feature one of the film’s stars,  Diego Luna reprising his role as spy, Cassian Andor.

Forrest Whitiker is also featured in the series, hopefully for more than a few minutes since the last time we saw him he said hello and got blown away by the Death Star almost all in the same labored breath. Rogue 1 was actually by far the best-received Star Wars movie in the Disney era, lauded for its storytelling that did not depend at all on the Skywalker saga or the need to build in references to mundane cannon.

Andor Arrives halfway through the run of Marvel’s She-Hulk on Disney+ continuing Disney’s penchant for dropping a new series just when the latest one is beginning to wind down. This creates the effect of giving customers a reason to keep paying into the next month with anticipation of that other show they want to see before they think about canceling. Spoiler alert, there will always be that next show.

Like other Disney+ series, Andor will have a weekly show drop which will allow the series a weekly chance to gain buzz. The question will be, can a show that features a doomed hero gain traction? This is always the challenge with prequels of course and one the Star Wars universe has handled unevenly over the years.