Thursday Night Football Bet Pays Off For Amazon

I know that a couple of “journalists” wrote articles about how everybody hates Amazon’s presentation of Thursday Night Football. I mean after all, they quoted people on Twitter so it must be true, but despite how much people “HATED” the presentation it appears that it got Amazon exactly what it wanted. The company earned high ratings and signed up the most Prime subscribers it ever got in one day. The company that works its streaming service access into its e-commerce subscription empire pays far more attention to how many potential customers it has to buy everything under the sun than how many people watch a game weekly. But you can be pretty sure that week by week they will add customers from markets where fans want to see the local teams play.

The key is whether they will in turn use the service to shop and get free shipping. The ratings win should not be a surprise to anyone considering how the NFL typically stacks up against scripted competition. This is the first time Amazon had an exclusive game to offer subscribers.